The horrors of war have never been captured like they are in this book. But this is more than a story about a family living through a war, this is a book that captures the human will to survive, the ability to love unconditionally and to hurt beyond repair.

What makes this true story so unique is that it is told from the photographic memory of a little girl that was forced to leave her home in Benghazi, Libya along with her sister and mother and travel to Italy, the land of her father, during the height of World War II. Left behind was the father she longed for, but never knew, as well as two brothers, one of whom was in the Italian Army.

Quite frankly, these three people went through hell. They were literally dirt poor, homeless and naked. Somehow, they maintained their dignity and their honor.

This book will take you on a journey through history. You will walk the streets of Italy, you will experience human suffering and human triumph and you will never again complain about what you don't have and you will never question the human will.
Three of Us
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Available in paperback: $19.95 / hardcover: $24.95
A true life changing story of a mother and two daughters and the their determination to survive the horrors of World War II, their journey from Libya to Italy and a little girl's longing for the father she never knew.
Published by Protective Hands Communications